The Return to Treasure Island is an Abandoned by Disney game being developed by Tony Potato.

The game takes inspiration from DOOM Classic and Abandoned by Disney.


Play as Maxwell and explore the abandoned Treasure Island, while avoiding the mysterious entities that lurk in the shadows in this DOOM styled, adventure-horror title.

Congratulations! You have been selected amongst a group of persons, by the Disney corporation, to travel on an all expense paid trip to Treasure Island to work the night shift as a security guard. Your job, as security, is to keep our park safe and sound. Your shifts will start in your own private office at the back of the building. When the clock strikes 10:00 PM sharp, you will recieve a phone call from staff explaining each of your duties, after which you will be able to roam the park. But be careful, for the Island is not what it used to be. Staff and patrons have reported numerous sightings of abnormal mascot activities and several disappearances of other patrons. If you spot any of these unnatural mascots, we strongly urge you to stay as far away as you can. Although you are free to roam the park, your office is the safest place possible, if one of the mascots happen to chase after you that is. Have fun, stay safe, and remember, don't let them catch you.


The game takes place in the setting erroneously referred to as Treasure Island.