Affiliations Researcher, Lifeguard, Snow White, Janitor, Hammer
Appears in None so farnote
Age About 19-22 years old
Gender Ambiguous; unknown
Status In pursuit by Disney (possibly dead)
Location Emerald Isle, North Carolina[1]

It's been a while since I've written anything related to the Disney Corporation, and I'm sure you can understand why.
~ Room Zero[1]

The protagonist is the unnamed narrator and in-universe author of the Abandoned by Disney series. They have visited Mowgli's Palace, know of Room Zero, received the suggestion box from Mowgli's Palace in the mail, and were emailed an incomplete list of Corrupti.

The protagonist is currently being sought by Disney.


  1. "People there felt just as angry about Treasure Island as folks here did about Mowgli's Palace."