Project A is an Abandoned by Disney game being developed by Jack.


Samuel walked down the hall, towards the door marked "Future Projects". Underneath there was a small plaque saying "EMPLOYEES ONLY". There was a rusted lock on the door, but it was so old it almost fell apart when he touched it. Samuel carefully took the lock off the door, not wanting to damage anything. Samuel slowly opened the door. He was greeted by a large room mainly consisting of large filing cabinets. The room had a wooden floor, and walls painted oak brown. There were desks along most of the walls. Some just held static-filled TVs, but one had a surprisingly new-looking PC. Samuel took out the hard drive and began to move towards the computer. As he did so, he heard a voice behind him. Samuel turned around but saw no one. Assuming it was just Tom joking around, he turned bak to the computer.

There was no password, just a surprisingly new Windows home screen. He found the computer was filled to the brim with files. Not having time to read them all, he just copied all of them onto the hard drive. While it was copying the files, he decided to read on. He saw a file labeled "2015_DES_Lyrics.txt". Opening it up, he was surprised to find the file contained the lyrics for every song in "Descendants". He was so surprised that he didn't realise that this place was so old, it was impossible they had files on Descendants. He looked back and saw that the hard drive was done copying the files.

He ejected the hard drive and went to leave the room. He had reached the end of the hall when he heard something from behind him. A low, gravelly voice, that sounded like it had just swallowed the contents of a cement mixer. He couldn't make out what it said at first, but it continued speaking, repeating itself. Eventually, Samuel figured out what he was saying.

"Hey" it said. "Hey. Turn around."

And he did.