Photo-Negative Mickey

Photo taken by the protagonist during the rising action of Abandoned by Disney

Affiliations Disney
Appears in Five Nights at Treasure Island
Five Nights at Treasure Island: Foundnote
Age Likely over 20 years old
Gender Ambiguous; unknown
Status Unresolved
Location Character Prep 1, Mowgli's Palace

"Hey," it said in a hushed, perverted, but perfectly executed Mickey Mouse voice, "Wanna see my head come off?"

It started to pull at its own head, working its clumsy, glove-clad fingers around its neck with clawing, impatient movements similar to a wounded man trying to pull himself free of a predator's jaws...

As it worked its digits into its neck... so much blood...

So much thick, chunky, yellow blood...

~ Abandoned by Disney[1]

Photo-Negative Mickey is the main focus of the climax of Abandoned by Disney and may have appeared in every other creepypasta in the series in some way, shape, or form.

Abandoned by Disney

In Abandoned by Disney, Photo-Negative Mickey is located in the back of the underground Character Prep room, along with many other mascot suits and the Donald head. As detailed above, Photo-Negative Mickey pulled its head off in this creepypasta and revealed an excessive amount of thick, yellow, chunky blood. It has not made another physical appearance in the creepypasta series thus far.

A Few Suggestions

The following suggestions listed in the creepypasta are speculated to have been written by Photo-Negative Mickey, or the employee that would later become Photo-Negative Mickey:

Suggestion: costume sticking to the sores

Suggestion: It'

s tOo hard
to writ with
this gloves on

Suggestion: ha ha I'm a mouse

Suggestion: i can't get my head off i can't get my head off i cant get my head off i cant get my hed off i can't get my head of

Suggestion: ignore last card it was my real head i forgot

Suggestion: the costume is sticking to my sores and there are more sores

Suggestion: all i am is sores

Suggestion: the costume is breathing and if i dont match its movements i can't get any air

Suggestion: please help, costumes are heavy with people inside and there's no hook left for me

Room Zero

The best one by far, one that actually made me laugh because of the horror of it all, was a drawing in chalk next my car. I was taken aback at first, walking through the parking garage, keeping an eye out for people following me.

The outline seemed a perfect match for... well, a "murder victim" you're probably familiar with if you've read my past posts.

Written in yellow... paint, I'm sure... was a single word.


~ Room Zero[2]

In the above quote, it is implied but never mentioned that Photo-Negative Mickey is the "murder victim" being described.


In the incomplete list of Corrupti emailed to the protagonist, the fifth line of the paragraph on Mowgli's Palace most certainly refers to Photo-Negative Mickey.

- Mowgli's Palace

-- Auditory hallucination and/or projection.
-- Misplaced and mobile objects.
-- Moderate to severe agitation/inappropriate human activity.
-- Unresolved CORRUPTUS: Inverted Character
Abandoned. Final.

~ Corruptus[3]