Mowgli's Palace
"Indian-style" resort
Appears in Five Nights at Treasure Island
Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found
(appears as "Treasure Island")
Age Likely around 20 years old
Location Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Mowgli's Palace was a controversial undertaking from the start. Disney bought up a ton of high-priced land for the project, and there was actually a scandal surrounding some of the purchases. The local Government claimed "eminent domain" on people's homes, then turned around and sold the properties to Disney. At one point a home that had just been constructed was immediately condemned with little to no explanation.

The land grabbed by the Government was supposedly for some fictional highway project. Knowing full well what was going on, people started calling it "Mickey Mouse Highway".

~ Abandoned by Disney[1]

Mowgli's Palace was an "indian-style" resort in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. The area is severely vandalized, and contains an underground character prep room.