Affiliations Walt Disney Company Incorporated
Appears in None so farnote
Age Likely older than 16 years old
Gender Male
Status Unknown; Ambiguous
Location Unknown; Ambiguous

That was bad, but another fellow, "Janitor", went completely off the creepy charts.

Disney World (and probably others) is built with a series of underground tunnels just below your feet. Three stories' worth. Anything and everything you can imagine is down there, for use of the employees.

They're called Utilidors. Utility Corridors.

Basically, that's the reason you don't see character out of place or Janitors wandering through the park. They pop in and out of hidden doors, and travel a concealed town you're walking on.

Janitor told me something that might be common knowledge, but was nonetheless news to me.

~ Room Zero[1]

Janitor is a human who worked at Disney World as a janitor.

It is unknown whether or not he is being pursued by Disney, where he lives, or if he is still alive.