Donald Duck (headpiece)
Headpiece of mascot costume
Appears in None so farnote
Age Likely over 20 years old
Gender Unknown; Ambiguous
Status Unresolved
Location Mowgli's Palace

I reached for the headpiece of a Donald Duck costume and carefully removed it so the thing wouldn't fall apart in my hands.

As I looked into the face of the wide-eyed, mouldering head, a loud clattering sound made me jump with fright.

I looked down at my feet, and there between my shoes was a human skull. It had fallen out of the mascot head and shattered into pieces at my feet, only the empty face and lower jaw remained, staring up at me.

~ Abandoned by Disney[1]

The Donald Head is a character appearing in Abandoned by Disney. In the creepypasta, he is described as a headpiece of a full Donald costume, that had a human skull inside of it. The protagonist accidentally dropped it onto the floor, shattering the skull inside.